Being Rad in R.A.D.

Guess what time it is!! …That’s right!! STORY-TIME!

At my University I decided to take a health promotions class (for only 1 credit) titled “Rape Aggression Defense” (or R.A.D. for short.) Was I nervous to take this class? Absolutely. Did it end up being way more fun than I had anticipated and make me feel like a boss? Absolutely.

You are probably wondering, “What is it that makes RAD so special and fun that this crazy chick would blog about it?”  …I’m glad you asked. The normal training part of RAD is just like (what I would imagine) any normal self-defense class would be, but the real fun happens at the end of the semester when you get to beat up cops. Yes, you heard me right…we got to beat up cops.

Side note: To those of you who are getting arrested all the time…this does NOT mean that you can beat up cops. Also, don’t try this at home. Or in your neighborhood. Or when you get pulled over. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let me tell you about this super fun cop experience.

Even though I had been practicing and training for months to be able to do the fight simulation at the end of the semester, I was still nervous. Let’s be honest here, I’m super skinny, have zero muscle and not a whole lot of strength….I had good reason to doubt my fighting abilities. For the simulation both the “victim” (myself) and the “bad guys” (the cops) had to wear lots of padding (naturally). Then, they turn off all the lights in the padded room (with the exception of a teeny tiny lamp in the corner), and you have to fight off not one, but two cops and escape to the other end of the room where the “safe zone” is. Sounds fun right? No. It is freaking scary.

I got shoved up against the wall. I got picked up and thrown over the cops’ shoulder. I got bear hugged. I got tackled to the ground…twice. And there were a lot of other things in-between that. Good news folks, the class worked!! I was able to get away every time! And let me tell ya, they were not being easy on me because I look small and weak….they make you work to get away. After the first time, I began to realize how fun it was…so I then proceeded to do the simulation four more times. By the end I was completely exhausted.

My hip and shoulder and punching arm are so sore today.

Worth it.

Plus, I am no longer afraid to walk to my car at night.


P.S. I survived! BACK OFF!


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