Gotta Give ‘Em Points For Trying

So today, this kid who is in one of my classes used the smooth, “What homework are we supposed to be doing?” line to strike up a conversation.

It worked.

I was being a little short with the guy and felt kind of bad so I humored him and asked him about his major (and some of  the other normal small-talk topics that we use when we either have nothing worthwhile to talk about, or we don’t feel like putting real effort into a conversation) and it was a pretty average conversation.

Oh, woops. Spoke to soon. It got even more average.

The next words out of his mouth were, “Soo…do you like to party on weekends and stuff?”
“No. I’m not a party girl, AT ALL!”
*AND THEN IT GOT AWKWARD* (I think I shocked the dude)
“Oh. Well, me and my housemates are throwing a party this weekend if you wanna come?”
“Thanks for the invite, but I’m just not really into that kind of thing…”
“Yeah, sorry! See ya later!” 

Poor kid…..shoulda done some more research before asking the grade-obsessed, super conservative girl to party.
Gotta give him points for trying though…



2 responses to “Gotta Give ‘Em Points For Trying

  1. Take that average college guy who likes to party. Some people want to graduate.

  2. love you, Anna! Miss you!

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