New Years Resolution

Well, once again I have failed to keep my promise to blog more. Maybe I should just stop talking about it.

I’ll begin by filling you in on my New Years. This year I chose to to be normal and come up with a fun and do-able New Years Resolution. I decided that I would try to be “on time” in 2012. Those of you who know me (and attempt to hang out with me) know that if I say “I’ll be there at 5:00”, that it is actually code for, “I’ll be there at 5:30…or later.” I’m terrible at being on time, absolutely terrible. It’s a wonder I still have friends!  SO, anyways, I woke up on January 1, 2012 and got ready for church. Guess who showed up 25 minutes late? You guessed it! I did!!! (I had a good excuse…my sister was sick, but still.)  Really? Is this even real life? My resolution lasted all of 8 hours! Let me tell ya folks, starting off a New Year with failure is not the way to go. I’m doomed.

In other news, I have sinus congestion and it is very possible my ears are going to fall off of my head as well.



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