Yes folks, that’s me. I now officially have a gap tooth….otherwise fondly referred to as a diastema.  

Mine isn't this bad...but you get the idea.

I will admit I was a bit concerned when my orthodontist told me I would have a gap between my front teeth for a while….perhaps this makes me vain. I’m not quite sure. In order to comfort myself,I came to the conclusion that if people only like me for my non- gapped teeth…well, then, they can just go fly a kite. 

One day as I was thinking about my soon to come diastema, I recalled seeing a photo of a model who had one. So I googled “models with gap teeth” and stumbled upon this article that talked about how designers at New York fashion week are looking for models with diastema’s…..apparently it’s a HUGE fashion statement now!!! Who knew?!?!?!? 

So basically I’m trendy now. Go me.


(Here is the link to the article I mentioned if you want to see it for yourself….   )


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