Bagpipe Boy

Well, it certainly seems that NMU students have pretty much ZERO holiday spirit! Come on people!!! Pull a green shirt out of your closet and put it on.

I’m sitting here in the Starbucks lounge, and I see 4 people wearing green…out of the 50 here. I am 1 of the 4. I’ll be honest, I don’t usually get all hyped about holiday’s. I normally say that St. Patrick’s Day is “an excuse for abuse” but this year it’s different.

I woke up this morning and wore green just because. But as I was walking out of my 8:00 class this morning, there was some dude standing outside, in the middle of campus, playing the bagpipes!!!! It was pretty much the most stellar thing of all time. It gives me hope for this sad, sad future of Irish festivities. This bagpipe boy made my day before 9AM…now THAT is an accomplishment. He not only serenaded me as I walked to my class, but also gave me a joyful spirit.

Thank you random bagpipe boy. Will you marry me? (just kidding)



3 responses to “Bagpipe Boy

  1. you should put this on the “Missed Connections” on craigslist, lol

  2. this was sad to read because bagpipes are scottish

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