I have been failing you. Yes, you. You may be shocked that somebody admitted failure for once in their life. I’ll un-shock you.


but not really.

I struggle at being a steady blogger, I’ll get super hyped about blogging and then realize that most of my views are coming from a dumb post I wrote a while back about women making sandwiches in the kitchen. I obviously cannot top that post. There is apparently no other topic on earth as interesting as women making sandwiches in the kitchen. Who knew people were so shallow? I mean SERIOUSLY.

So instead of blogging, I now spend my free time watching a myriad of different tv shows on hulu, as well as obsessing over GloZell’s youtube videos….which are  F A N T A S T I C!!

It is my opinion that we should all start referring to our breakfast eggs as “humpty dumpty’s”….they are bound to be cracked anyway. Better yet, I’ll start my own chicken farm and sell Humpty Dumpty Eggs…little kids all over American would hate me.

…And on that beautiful thought, goodnight and as always..


NOTE: after posting this I googled Humpty Dumpty Eggs just to see…..and look at that, would ya look at that! Some moron in Wisconsin already used my idea. Wow, and here I thought I was brilliant.


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