The Removal of Wisdom

I hope that my teeth will one day look like this:

One must experience pain to be beautiful.  That is pretty much my life motto.

Which leads me to today’s story. I got my wisdom teeth removed.

I did everything the easy way and just had them give me an IV and completely knock me out…didn’t feel a thing. I went to sleep and woke up. That’s everything I remember. Literally.

After talking to my mom and sister, I found out about a few different things that I apparently did….but have no memory of.

I remember my thought processes behind my actions…but remember no actions.

Since you are all dying to know what I said/did, I will tell you.

According to my family, I:

  1. Woke up, looked around, pointed to my arm and pretty much told the nurse lady to take off the band-aid where they removed the IV needle.
  2. Got into a wheelchair and was wheeled outside
  3. Walked to the car from the wheelchair…with the help of the nurse lady and my dad.
  4. I got in the car and jokingly said to my sister, “Is this real life?” and then I started laughing  …apparently I joke around even when I’m loopy…who would have thought?!?!?  (If you don’t know what quote I was referencing, I’ll post the link to the video at the end of this blog post.)
  5. I proceeded to put my seat belt on very, very, very slowly.
  6. I checked my phone, and I apparently texted my friend…this is what I said: “Yes. just left for home. i’m so groggy right now and cat talk ver well wjar r u goin?”  …I have no memory of that. Interesting how my spelling goes down the drain when I’m loopy…huh….That is disappointing.
  7. I then texted my sister and said “Do you have your camera?” (I remember thinking that I wanted to see if my cheeks were swollen…but I don’t remember doing this) So I took her camera and sat there and took like 4 pictures of myself, deleted all of them, and handed the camera back to her.
  8. I took her laptop out of its case, opened it and sat there looking at the black screen. My sister said, “Anna, you have to turn it on!” So I turned it on, sat there, looked at it for a couple seconds….and then just threw it on the seat next to me.

As I’ve said multiple times, I HAVE NO MEMORY OF ANY OF THAT!

Here’s that video that I referenced….

“Is this real life?!?”



One response to “The Removal of Wisdom

  1. I am seriously laughing sooo hard.

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