The Final Update

I am happy to inform you that this will (most likely) be my last post updating you on the events that have taken place here today in the city of Marquette, more specifically, at NMU.

I just received a text message from NMU alerts stating,
“NMU will resume normal business operations on Feb. 3rd. Authorities have determined there is no longer an ongoing threat. Visit for more information.”

Whew! A peaceful ending is always good.



2 responses to “The Final Update

  1. Ever wonder why campuses are a favorite place for random shootings? It is because they are “Victim Free-Fire” zones (aka “Gun Free Zones”) under the concealed carry statutes.

    Not surprisingly, homicidal nut cases appear to be taking advantage of that, rather than abiding by those restrictions.

    There is a bill introduced in the Michigan Legislature that would eliminate all areas in which mass murderers may operate, secure in the knowledge that only they are armed. Contact your state rep or senator to support this bill.

  2. Having carried an assault rifle 24 hours a day for 12 straight months in Iraq, I would have to disagree with this legislature unless each person permitted to carry had actually gone through serious training on handling and, more importantly, firing a weapon at a target. There would also have to be some tactical training to avoid mass chaos. It was absolutely terrifying to be surrounded by a bunch of irresponsible kids carrying guns and ammo. We had a Staff Sergeant, who’d been in the Air Force for 4 or 5 years, accidentally shoot his pistol off in our office and miss shooting a fellow soldier by only inches. AND HE’D BEEN TRAINED! (Obviously not well enough) Imagine if that day at Virginia Tech. 80 students had handguns and they went after the shooter. Sounds awesome. But now imagine a library filled with 80 people trying to take out a shooter without any formal training and with absolutely no understanding of tactical maneuvering. There would have been 10 times as many deaths from crossfire alone. I do agree with you that it’s dangerous to have weapon free zones, but I’m just saying it’s not as easy a fix as it might appear.

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