Some facebook apps are a scam. Surprise, surprise.

I wanted to be cool and find out who my “first facebook friend” was.  So I clicked on the link thingy…I mean, all my friends were doing it. I gotta be in the “in crowd” right?

My results were as follows (it posted randomly in my news feed):

“My first Facebook friend was: Wyatt”

News flash people!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW ANYBODY NAMED WYATT!!! …I mean…what kind of a name is that anyways? How do you even pronounce that!?!?!?

Also….if your name happens to be Wyatt, then this message is for you.

Dear Wyatt,

You have a beautiful name and I hope to one day name my child after you.




Well. now that we have that cleared up. let me continue.

SO, I googled the name “Wyatt” just for kicks and giggles….just to see what came up. I struck gold folks. Take a gander….

Wyatt Earp

That is one attractive moustache!

That hot man’s name is Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp.  According to Wikipedia (yeah I know…English professors say never to put Wikipedia as a reference….whatever) Wyatt was an American peace officer in various western frontier towns, a farmer, teamster, buffalo hunter, gambler, saloon keeper, miner, and boxing referee. He lived from March 19, 1848- January 13, 1929.

Shame he’s not still alive. I would’ve fell in love with him.



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