Blogging in the Hallway

So I’m currently sitting in the hallway in Jamrich eating a sandwich, facebooking, blogging, and watching weirdo people walk by. It’s quite entertaining. I’ve seen a few people I know, and I look super cute sitting here in my stoner-style sweatshirt dropping crumbs all over myself. I’m pretty sure this is how my future husband will find me…after all, who could resist such a beautiful sight? ha. KIDDING.

But anyways, I went to my English class today. Guess what! I’m required to write a response paper EVERY WEEK. We’ll see how that goes. I have an awesome professor though, she had us play a game called LOST…titled after the tv show sensation. We had to pretend we were stranded and pick one thing we would bring with us, also we had to come up with an adjective that described us…not really sure what that had to do with the whole “LOST” game….but we did it anyways. It was pretty fun. Some idiot decided to bring some famous chick with him. He would. You should all be very proud of me, because I used incredible self-control and refrained from making any snide, sarcastic comments about his dumb boy choice.

I need to head to economics.



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