Shock and Awe

So the past few days I have been getting a TON of views on this here little bloggy. Like I’m talking ya know, 90-ish views a day. Some of you big bloggers might think that is a weasly little number….but in my humble experience, 90 views is a frikin miracle.

I discovered that some big bloggers out there in the “real” blogging world have somehow found…entertainment perhaps? maybe some odd masochistic love for killing your own brain cells by reading this blog? ….I’m not sure. But whatever it is, they have posted my blog link on their “support these sights” column. In response, all of you lovelys are finding your way into my stellar realm. Welcome.

When I write this blog, I whine, cry, and sarcasticly write about life….and make up my own words along the way (if you didn’t already figure that out….because I’m pretty sure “weasly” is not a word)….but I never, in a million years expected people to actually READ my blog….or if they read it, to LIKE it.  Turns out my expectations are lower than the tunnels..aka…too low.

So in closure, I would just like to thank all of my wonderful big eyed bloggy readers, for reading my blog instead of real books. You give me hope for the art of sarcasm and the motivation to blog as if my life depended on it.

The pressure is on now.



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