PETA and a Meat Dress

I have some shocking news for all of you.

My dad likes a Lady Gaga song.

Oh, wait…what? Oh you don’t believe it?! Oh okay, I’ll say it again then.


I’m not going to lie. I almost passed out when I heard this. He should be GROUNDING me for singing Lady Gaga songs, NOT condoning it!

Here’s the story:

My dad’s cousin Frank came over to our house. It is like a Reynolds family law that I have to perform for every relative that steps through our door. So me and my little sister did a Missy Higgins number for them…that’s fine…there was one cuss word which I mumbled over so nobody knew it was there (ahem, that’s skill people!).  After we finished our little show, I went to put my guitar away when my dad says,

“Hey Anna, why don’t you play that other song that I’ve heard you practicing. I really like that song!”

“Uhhh…dad, that’s a Lady Gaga song. You don’t want me to sing Lady Gaga. Trust me.”

“Why not?! I like that song!”

“Dad, no you don’t. That song is really inappropriate.”

“Oh come on, just play it!”

“Dad! The first line of that song is ‘I want your ugly, I want your disease!'”

“Yeah…it’s hard to sing lyrics that you don’t agree with. But do it anyways.”

IS THIS REAL LIFE!!?!?? I was shocked at that man, I tell you! Who would have thought in a million, bajillion years that my DAD would request that I sing a Lady Gaga song?!?!?!  Oy!!! What is this world coming to!?!?!?

After our little performance, I discussed with my dad’s cousin Lady Gaga’s meat dress. …For all of you who have not seen this, you are about to.

How in the world did PETA let her get away with this?!!?!



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