Waiter at the ‘Bees

Tonight I went to Applebees for their famous “half-off apps”.  You know how you go to a restaurant and your waiter either makes or breaks your dining experience? Well I had an in-between waiter. It was weird. I couldn’t make up my mind about him.


Waiter Description:

  • Looked like a guy
  • Had a diamond earring in one ear? Both ears?
  • Talked a lot
  • Kept forgetting to bring us straws

I  bet you are just dying to know what my issue with this waiter was. Let me tell you all about it.

It was super awkward….because he would be sarcastic, but didn’t really pull it off? I couldn’t decide if it was funny or not. It was half funny /half laughing out of polite-ness? …Know what I mean?  (If you know me, you probably do. A lot of people laugh for me out of obligation) And then he would talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. I didn’t really listen all that much. But there was definite complaining about health and safety laws, along with an entire conversation he had with some dude, his major at NMU, and some awkward sarcasm.

He obviously made quite the impression, since I’m blogging about him. ….but I’m not sure if it was a good or bad impression. ….maybe neither…maybe just…a w k ward.

side note: my ears hurt after wearing hoop earrings. I took them out and still have phantom pain. WEIRD.

But anyways, he kept forgetting to bring us straws. And didn’t seem thrilled when the only thing I ordered was an extra plate. …so I assured him that I would still tip him.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: what do you call a male Chatty Kathy?


who knows. who cares.



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