Annie Oakley and Chuck Norris In a Tree…

So I was sitting in English class the other day, when my professor assigned us to write a list of adjectives about ourselves on a piece of paper.

This was too hard for us.

Because of our entire class STRUGGLING, she instead had us walk up to the chalkboard one by one and write adjectives about HER on the board.

After we finished this task, she had us write a fourteen-line poem using the every single one of the adjectives on the board.

This is the poem that I wrote:

She’s blonde and wears shoes in the pond

Musical, hardworking and stern

She eats food, but gets no heartburn

She is animated and opinionated

None of the skinny fish are baited

Educated and creative

She is so responsible, she’s hated

Her enthusiasm is surprising

Organized living is arising

Who can she be?

None other than the infamous Annie Oakley

She gives Chuck Norris a run for his money

He has started to call her “hunny bunny”

Isn’t life funny?

….My professor absolutely loved it. Win.

stay stellar






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