…Those Dreamy Americans…

So recently, my friend asked me to fill out a survey for one of her classes. This survey was asking questions about my opinion of the American  Dream.

I must admit that I was quite shocked that she asked for my opinion…she should’ve known she would get a load of sarcastic wit back. This is what it looked like when I finished it….enjoy.

What is the American Dream of today?

The American Dream…well…it’s pretty much about having the hot wife, the kids who are awesome at sports (depending on the gender) and have incredible leadership skills all throughout their high school experience. The dreamy house with the perfect lawn, the red sports car in the driveway…and a hedge. People living the American Dream always have a hedge. It’s pretty much about looking good to everyone else, and making enough money that you can live an “easy” life… for instance… getting lights in your house that “clap on” and “clap off”…and having one of those sweet recliners that move up and down so you can get out of your chair easier. The man of the house usually wears a suit to work…just saying.

Do you feel they are realistic or in reach? why?

Yeah…I suppose they are realistic to some select few…but to the majority of us “normal” people out here..yeah…keep dreaming. Most Americans don’t have the right kind of jobs or enough money to live the American dream. And what are the chances of having kids who live up to ALL of your expectations…and a wife who sits around looking hot all day long?!? Its not realistic….hence why it’s called the American DREAM.

If not, what do you think needs to change in America for your dreams to happen?

Perhaps it’s not “America” that needs to change…but your own idealist ideas about what your life should look like. It’s okay to dream, but people need to learn to dream smart. …Or if you want a “school” answer …then…here ya go “The government needs to start creating higher paying jobs yadda yadda yadda”

In the next 10 years, what do you think the American Dream will be?

In the next 10 years…the American dream will probably be the same as it is now…maybe with more technology ownership involved….idk. I’m pretty sure the American dream has been the same for years and years and years and years. …we all want what Hollywood’s got


The funny thing is…is that I really don’t have a clue about the American Dream…I kinda made it up as I went along. It worked..kinda. haha.



One response to “…Those Dreamy Americans…

  1. As usual, you make me laugh. In a good way. However, I’m sad that you and at least one other person I’ve talked to recently (I assume its the same person that asked you to do the survey) feel so cynically about the American dream. Challenge: Think about what the American dream really is/was – what is it, really? And what’s YOUR dream – generally, since you are still a teenager and it’s almost impossible to say specifically what you want at that age… And write something from the deep part of your heart that understands the American dream and believes in it, too. Rename it if it makes it easier to think of. Love you.

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