I start my first day of college on Monday. I find this so hard to believe…  all of those years growing up, and talking, thinking, and dreaming about the day you go to college…and before you know it, it’s here.

I’m trying hard not to make this one of those really sappy blog posts, about growing up and looking back and basically being a girl about life.

So instead, we will talk about my stinkpad. Question: “Stinkpad? What is that?”  Answer: “Well, I’m glad you asked. A stinkpad is a laptop computer that is forced upon you by Northern Michigan University upon entrance to their school (excluding art majors…those lucky ducks get Mac’s. Figures.) These computers are actually called “Thinkpads”….I think you stink, pad. My 1 key doesn’t work…and I’ve had to figure out how to fix this thing like four times…I got it two days ago.

I have been saving up money for months to buy my own computer, I was super excited about it etc etc.  Well, once lovely old stenchpad came along, my father decides that I no longer need to buy my own laptop (he’s kinda right…but this computer drives me crazy) so I banked all of the money, and there it sits…all lonely and laptop-less. Perhaps some year I will get my own.

OH…a few more laptop complaints while we are on the subject…  This laptop is as slow as a turtle on crutches, I’m pretty sure it’s a tie between this and the super old Dell desktop in my house.  Also…the keys fail at typing, the advisor at NMU told me that I just need to type slower. Wise advice.

So those are today’s complaints. I hope you have enjoyed this pessimistic post.

You can call me Negative Nancy.



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