Food Knowledge

Well folks! Change of plans!

You can now be worry free, because I am no longer using a Greyhound bus as my transportation method, due to the fact that there are multiple creepers and many stories about such types. eek! Better safe than sorry.

Well yippee kai-ay! My father has just informed that the three foods that I will “thrive” on are as follows.

  1. Goat Milk.
  2. Sourdough Bread
  3. Sauerkraut

He also said this quote “I get ZERO nutrition from one meal at Burger King…you could go the rest of your life eating those three things (listed above), never go hungry, and be perfectly healthy!”

My father is very against industrialized foods. Which is good. Because health is good.

But let’s talk about this.

I don’t like goat milk. It is like super healthy goat milk…as in unpasteurized, straight off the farm, raw, goat milk. After I drink my daily glass, I stuff my face with marshmallows…or anything I can, to get the “hello, you just drank a farm” taste out of my mouth.

If you have never tasted a farm. Drink goat milk, and you will have no doubts as to what that means.

As to the sourdough bread. I haven’t actually tried it as of yet. So I cannot say anything as to the taste…it might be surprisingly delicious. But it is sitting on my kitchen table as I type…. It is small, rotund-ish, and lumpy. Perhaps this is normal.

Now sauerkraut. Well…let’s just say that it reeks up the whole refrigerator, and people have actually gagged when he’s taken it out to eat it. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t make it right. It smells like rotten barf.


So this is my opinion on those three foods.

I think sometimes it is good to keep your opinions to yourself…this is probably one of them. But I couldn’t help but share it with all of you devoted readers.

This is totally unrelated to anything. But I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently. And I love it. So I will share it.

stay stellar


2 responses to “Food Knowledge

  1. We sing that song all the time at my Ann Arbor church- I love it! It makes me so ready to go back for a little while. Thanks for that!

  2. hahahahha! someone tried putting #3 on my hotdog and i was like, “no thanks! i don’t want to ruin my dog, yo.” i hate all but #2. give me cottage cheese any day!

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