Toupe – free, is the way to be!

Hello lovely blog. It is good to type again. After 3 days of being insanely sick, I am finally on the upside of this weird cold thingy, and am well enough to blog and sniffle!!!….along with the occasional cough of course.

I am now getting prepared and super excited to go on my summer trip!

This year, I am going to Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL. It is a huuuuuuge Christian music festival out in the middle of who-knows-where. This will be my first year going, and I’m pretty excited! I will be working alongside my sister, Sarah and her crew from Alliance World Coffees. We will be selling caffeinated drinks all week to grungy band dudes, and the general grungy public. PLEASE NOTE: That I WILL NOT convert to drinking any sorts of these coffee drinks….no siree-bob! I will not! I have survived many years without a dose of daily caffeine and there is absolutely no reason on earth why I should start depending on it now! Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way….time for more explaining…

I’m pretty sure that the week of Cornerstone is just one huge “no shower” fest-or at least that’s the way it’s been explained to me. I am interested to see how I handle this. See, here’s the deal…I’m not one of those super girly girl types, example: “Oh my gosh! I just broke a nail! And a bug touched my toenail! And I need a parasol!” … I don’t even shower everyday! *gasp…I know, shocking. But seriously, I can deal with a little bit of life. Cornerstone will be a whole 6 days of being grungy and dirty. Let’s just say that I will be bringing some hats, and lots of deodorant. I hear that there is a lake there…if I get super grossed out, I will go for a swim. I’ve also heard rumors of showers…but we’ll see about that.

So I bet you are all thinking “So, Anna, how are you getting to this huge, awesome festival?” …wow, thanks for asking! I’ll tell you! I am leaving my hometown at 2:30AM on a Greyhound Bus, I will be on that awesome bus until 6:50PM approx. …yes, you did your math right, that’s a 16hr 30min bus ride! Eek! This will not be my first time riding a Greyhound though…on my way to and from Washington, DC, I took a Greyhound from Lansing, MI to Toledo, OH. Here is my Greyhound Bus story.

Once upon a time, I went on a Greyhound Bus. I sat near the back minding my own business and listening to my ipod…when all of the sudden I sensed that I was being creeped on. Sure enough! I turned my head a little to the left…and there was a creepy old man staring at me with a snake smile. He had sandy blonde hair (of which I’m pretty sure half was a toupe…no joke) green corduroy pants, a weird brownish leather jacket, creepy boots, BIG rings on his fingers (which he would move around all the time) and a very creepy smile. He just sat there, staring and snake smiling at me…bleh. So my beautiful friend Rhonda, came and sat by me, we made fun of him and called him “Donald”..on account of him having a toupe, and on account of Donald Trump having one as well. And I felt safer.

The end.

My hope is that I will NOT meet any creepers on this bus ride. That would be nice, and probably a first.

Anywho…after arriving in Muncie, IN. I will chill with my sister and her crew for a few days, then we will drive to Bushnell, IL and have the time of our lives, I’m sure.

What are YOUR summer plans? Do share. I would be delighted to hear.

stay stellar



One response to “Toupe – free, is the way to be!

  1. I agree that Toupee Free is the way to be. They are very creepy. I can’t imagine wearing one of those things. Where would the sweat go? What would happen if I sneezed to hard? Fleas? And what do you say when someone asks the dreaded question?…..Is that a rug…toupee …hairpiece?
    No …I’ll just stay bald and beautiful……and as always Stellar.

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