Wake Up In the Morning…

Well hello readers!  Here I sit on my comfy, cushy, blue sofa, bored out of my mind, with a desire to ramble on about random nothings.  This is what happens when I am sick…   I woke up this morning with a half side sore throat. Do you ever get those?  One half of your throat is sore…and the other isn’t…it’s creepy. But not to worry! As the day went on, the sore throat spread around, and has now taken charge of my entire throat and swallowing system. I thought I had strep…but my parents tell me that I don’t. It feels like strep, if that’s worth anything…

Here is my list of things that I do when I am sick….

  1. I whine and moan and complain about it… perhaps God is trying to tell me something through this sore throat…it hurts so much, that I haven’t been doing much speaking. Ironic huh?
  2. I watch Pride and Prejudice. It’s such a great movie to relax and even fall asleep to! It’s very entertaining, but has perfect music just in case you decide to close your eyes for a few seconds…    Also, if you watch the old 6 hr. version, then it will take up your entire day! So if you watch it three days in a row, you won’t even have time to notice that you are sick!! …clever, eh?
  3. I brush my teeth.  For some reason, I always like brushing my teeth when I am sick…perhaps that minty fresh taste offers a little piece of joy in your sickly state.
  4. I text.  ….oh wait…I do that even when I’m not sick…scratch that.
  5. I Facebook and/or blog.  Somehow stalking enthralls the mind to the point where you are in your own little world. Thus again, distracting you from your current sickly situation.
  6. I eat yogurt/cottage cheese/pineapple. I’m pretty sure it’s a tradition…those always seem to be my comfort foods when I am sick.
  7. I spend so much time watching TV and movies, that I am bored out of my mind….  the box can only entertain one for so long.
  8. I usually wear socks. For some reason my feet get really cold when I’m sick….
  9. I love my cats a little bit more than normal. They sit around waiting to be entertained (that is, if they aren’t already outside catching wild animals…a chipmunk is considered a wild animal…yes?) and I sit around waiting to be entertained…so we entertain each other for about 5 minutes…until someone gets bit. That someone coincidentally, usually happens to be me.
  10. I make crazy lists. Obviously.

….If only I had woken up this morning feeling like P. Diddy…. darn it, eh?

...or not...

stay stellar


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