Sticky Business

I love working in retail…here’s why.

Yesterday, I was just being a cute good cashier…I smiled and nodded and said please and thank-you at least 40 bajillion times.  Then this woman came through my line…

She was buying some chocolate bars for her husband and was being very chatty…our conversation went something like this…

(me) “Hi, how are you today?”

(her) “Good, how are you?”

(me) “Good, thank you.”

(her) “I’m buying some chocolate bars for specifically for my husband…have you had this kind before?”

(me) “Oh really? Yeah, I’ve tried those, they are pretty good!”

(her) “Yes! They are my husband’s favorite! He’s a stick like you and can eat anything he wants.”

(me) *chuckle through a grimace.


For some reason, being called a “stick” does not make my day. I wonder if she had one of those “oh crap, I shouldn’t have said that” moments…I hope she did.

I honestly wasn’t super offended…I promise. I thought it was kinda funny in real life.  ….for instance…the other day I was getting my block fringe trimmed…and an old lady in the beauty shop goes “wow! you’re skinny! But don’t worry…you don’t look anerexic!”


Also…to all of the customers who come through my checkout line…YOU CAN ONLY USE ONE COUPON AT A TIME!!  It’s the rules. If I break them, I get FIRED.  I will not lose my job so that you can save 2 dollars…sorry…but it’s just not happening.

stay stellar


2 responses to “Sticky Business

  1. such a nice post stick girl. uh, i mean anna. also, i have these coupons….

  2. love working with the public. I’m basically a cashier too, except I get to stand behind a large picture window. I will admit, I have not mastered being polite when a customer is (inadvertantly or otherwise) rude to me. More than once I’ve been asked to get my supervisor. And I’m freaking 25. Yeah – definitely not going to be able to do this for the rest of my life. :]


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