Empty Calories

I am very tired all the time. I thought about it, and couldn’t figure out why….

So I looked it up on youtube, and a nice man in a creepy jumpsuit told me all about why I’m supposedly tired. Let’s take a gander…


  1. Define exercise.  …I move around and go on walks pretty much everyday…does that count?
  2. I am not eating “empty calories”.  It’s impossible. My dad is a health freak…we have zero empty calorie foods in our house. probably.
  3. Nervous tension. Well…I guess that’s possible…but impossible. Because if I exercise and eat non-empty calories, then that would solve my nervous tension…right?  Right.
  4. And can I just mention, that 40 year old buff dudes in jumpsuits are not attractive? Yeah. They aren’t.
  5. I get at least 9 to 10 hrs. of sleep every night…which is normal and healthy.
  6. I drink un-processed goat milk… half a’ glass a day. (this is not by choice)  My Dad is convinced that goat milk is the cure to life
  7. Maybe my problem is that I don’t drink coffee.  I don’t like coffee…it’s disgusting.

So I am left to wonder what my problem is. Out of all this, I have come up with a new motto:   Tired- free is the way to be.

Just more proof that caffeine/coffee does not keep you awake... haha. just kidding.

stay stellar


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