The Musings of a Future College Student

So it’s official now. I’m starting college in the fall. Eeeeeeek!

I’ve been going crazy looking for scholarships, and can I just say that there AREN’T ANY!!!….I think that google search engine is intentionally hiding search results from me, because everyone I talk to tells me that there is tons and tons of money sitting around waiting to be claimed….and somehow, I’m not finding any of it.

I need a money whistle…it’s kind of like a dog whistle….only it hasn’t been invented yet. Pretty much the idea behind it, is that you blow the whistle and money comes.

But that’s being lazy, and life isn’t that easy.

So I will continue my frantic search for the hiding money.

If I was 3 inches taller, I could apply for the Tall Person scholarship. If you are a female that is 5’10” and up, then you can get free money. This is unfortunate. Some days I wish that I was like Alice from Alice In Wonderland, so that I could just eat or drink something and become a giant. Then I would get free money.

I would also be willing to write essays or work to get money that’s not free as well. So feel free to donate to the “Anna Needs Money to Go to College” fund….you will not be disappointed. haha. I’m kidding.

Side Note: I hate when you wear ear bud headphones for long periods of time, and eventually your ears start to ache…so you take them out, and it hurts like none other. Just saying.

But yeah…college…school…. I’m excited, I think. It will be an adventure, and I know that I will learn and grow a lot. It’s very unfortunate that the school I’m planning on attending is known for their Mrs. Degree Program. I’m determined that I will not fall under that category by the end of my schooling there. Boy free is the way to be. At least for this time in my life. There are things I want to do with my life before settling down and being an octomom….. I really hope I’m kidding about that. Because did I mention that I’m not super crazy about little kids? Yeah. I love some of them…others…ehhh….spank your kids when they are brats people!!!!

PS…I called my potential roommate the other day and left her a cute little message that ended with “call me back”.  Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe she’s on vacation.

I hope you have enjoyed this little blogging session as much as I have.

stay stellar

(and discipline your kids)


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