Phone Exchange

My beautiful LG Banter. See how smiley Chad is??!!! 🙂


So today the lovely salesperson at the Verizon station in Menards, convinced me to upgrade my fantastical, amazing, loveable, huggable, LG Banter, to one of the new Verizon phones.

Because honestly, how hard could it be? It’s not like my incredible, awesome, super stellar, loveable, huggable, LG Banter is my long lost love, or child! That would just be too dramatic.

So I upgraded.

To a neat LG Cosmos.

By neat I mean…I miss my Banter.

The keyboard is all off kilter. And my texting speed has gone down 97%. And I keep hitting wrong buttons. And the camera is all crooked. And it doesn’t have that cute flashing red light at the top that informs me that I have a text message. And there are no cool switchy cover case thingy ma’bobbers.

I’ll probably like it tomorrow.

Pretty soon, I will forget about my loving Banter and move on to the world of the Cosmos.

Life goes by so quickly.

The LG Cosmos. No smiley boy Chad. Only a dumb windmill photo.



3 responses to “Phone Exchange

  1. You fail to mention WHICH school you’re going to.

    And believe me, if you DO graduate from college withOUT an MRS degree (or at least being close), you’ll be pining for it. IF you do it. There were three girls to every guy in my college class. Every guy was married or engaged by the time graduation rolled around. Nice.

    One last thing, I’m glad you’re blogging regularly again. …and so is my Banter. lol

  2. I meant to leave that comment on the money/college post. Oh well.

  3. I am planning on going to North Central University in Minneapolis, MN.

    Yes…I know…college is where you 98% of people meet their spouses. This I understand. But see…I’ve always had this huge independence issue…I want to live on my own, have my own life, be my own person, have my own ministry, do my own thing, for a while AFTER college.
    But that’s just me talking…God’s plans are usually different than my own. eek! (that’s a good eek!)
    So we shall see. I currently am looking into pursuing a career in music…unless I meet some hottie guy to do music with me….I should probably not try to balance having a husband at home, if I am out trying to pursue music.
    But heck…I can’t plan that far ahead…for all I know, I might end up being a lawyer…or interior designer…hahahha. So for now…I will just wait on God’s timing, and wait on HIS direction for my life!!!

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