Pointless Post #1.

So here’s the deal.

I’m failing at blogging.


failblog.com should feature my blog.

…and I’m not even being dramatic.

Because… drama free is the way to be.

That’s my  motto.

You should try it out sometime, might change your little lifey right aroundey.

I was considering continuing my blog with Part 2 of my DC trip blog.

But that’s boring. And boring is lamesauce.

Who knows, maybe I’ll finish it later.

I’ve realized that reason I’m blogging less and less, is because I feel I have to impress my readers each time with something stellar. But nothing can be stellar 24/7, now can it? 

So I’ve decided that I am F R E E to just ramble on and on about nothing, and post post’s (heh?) that really have no point, because nobody is obligated to read them. It’s my blog. You don’t like it? Then don’t read.  Savvy?

Yes, I do realize that the sass that I’ve inherited from my Grandma (and her kid, and my mother) is coming out in this post. But I’m tired. So I’m going to tell you the WORST motto I’ve ever heard in my life. 

Sass free is the way to be” 

Let me clue you in.

Sass free is NEVER the way to be.

Sass is what keeps you on you on your feet.

Sass is what makes life enjoyable

Sass is sassy. And as I keep typing the word sass, it gets funner and funner.

Please note I used the word of “funner” …. my mother would not be thrilled with that.

And now i’m rambling. And ramble free is the way to be.

So peace out yo.

stay stellar



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