Washington, DC=stellarocity. Part 1

Hello hello!!!  It has been such a long time since I have shared my life with all of my devoted readers. 

Wanna know why?

…Cuz I haven’t had time, thats why.

Life gets crazy, then your blog dies.  -thats my motto.

But not really.

SO I will tell you a little bit about the adventures of the past couple of weeks!

Two weeks ago, I went on a mission trip with Great Lakes Christian College, to work at a soup kitchen in Washington, DC.

It changed my life.

Group photo...and jazz hands? why?

  We (a group of 10 of us) left Great Lakes Christian college on Friday March 26th around 7:00…took a few group photos of us wearing our stellar themed T-shirts (which you can see in the picture above), threw all of our junk in the vans and got rolling….to the bus station. We hopped on the bus at 7:30 and took a four hour bus ride to Toledo, OH… I spent these four hours watching the sunset, texting (imagine that), and listening to some folk music on my ipod.


The Greyhound Bus

We reached the train station in Toledo around 11:30PM…the train was supposed to pick us up at 12:30PM. Note the word supposed. It didn’t happen. We waited and waited and waited…the train kept getting delayed later and later and later.

Apparently thirty-some coal cars derailed and they lost a bunch of coal and all the trains were going to be delayed…for how long? …it ended up being 9 hours late. So we spent the night at the train station…I tried sleeping…only worked for 45 mintues before I got cold and woke up. So I chatted on the phone for an hour about absolutely nothing. I also people watched; charged my phone and ipod; people watched; watched a movie; ate some pizza (that Jason ordered for us); sat there; layed there and was cold. It was awesome.


The Toledo, OH train station where we spent the night.

9 hours later…THE TRAIN ARRIVED! WOOO!  …so we hopped on the train smelling like a bunch of guys, completely drained, and excited to eat some food and get some rest! Lucky for me, I couldn’t sleep. So I watched some movies and tried to fall asleep…I was successful for like two hours..then woke up again. eek.


Bekah and I on the train after spending the night at the train station. Lovely.

The train ride was 13 hours long. Due to the 9 hour delay, we had to take a different train….a train that wasn’t prepared to take us all the way to Washington, DC. So the train ran out of food…which meant that they had to call ahead to the next stop and order massive amounts of KFC so they could feed everyone on the train. I can’t complain, we got two FREE meals that day from KFC!  Our trip was going fantastic. 

 Oh, and can I also mention that Maryland is gorgeous? …we chugga chugga choo choo’d our way through the state, it was beauutiful.

I took this from the train window...I have no idea where we were. haha.

On Saturday, March 27th, we finally arrived in Washington,DC at 10:30PM! We were pretty excited about this. Barbie (the awesome girl who found us housing and was our tour guide while we were there)

This is Barbie!!!

….she picked us up from the train station, and took us on a nighttime tour of DC. 

A picture of a train that I took at one of our stops along the way...

This was my first time ever being in DC, and it was so gorgeous looking out the window and seeing the city lights and the skyscrapers at night! Everything was lit up and shining annnd I wanted to go to sleep.

….to be continued…..

Stay Stellar


2 responses to “Washington, DC=stellarocity. Part 1

  1. My grandparents used to live in Maryland. it was awesome. we went to DC a lot. the end.

  2. That’s pretty stellar, and not fair. the end.

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