So the only purpose of this blog post, is to complain about the dumb time change.

as you will soon notice, everything in this entire post is grey.  This is because the dumb time change is making my life grey.

Last night I was chatting on the phone until 1:00AM….which with the time change, was actually 2:00AM… (even though the clocks don’t switch until 2AM…but whatever)…so I finally got off the phone, and went to sleep. I woke up at 7:00AM for church, which would actually be 6:00AM before the time change.  Life is rough.  Do you see what this is doing to my brain???  It is making my words and sentences very confusing.

I don’t understand why they can’t just keep it to ONE set time….and leave it that way FOREVER. They should. They would have a lot more friends on facebook.

Question: Who is they?

I researched this question just for you.

The founder of Daylight Savings Time (aka…dumb time change) was some dude named William Willet

This is William Willet....his name sure suits him....

… he first proposed this seemingly brilliant idea of Daylight Savings Time in 1907.

Brilliant is to William, as not is to idea.

Great job William, its all your fault.

Question: Who do we blame today? And who do we delete off our  facebook friends list for this ridiculousness?

 Apparently Daylight Savings Time and Time Zones are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation…which is a federal cabinet of the US government. Lame.

It’s going to take some hard work to change this un-stellar idea.

I’m not up for it. Are you?

So pretty much, you should just protest in your own way.

Take a survey of your facebook friends.  For anybody who likes the time change… go to their profile, and hit the little “remove from friends” button near the bottom of their profile.

That way we can all complain together without anyone coming in and trying to be optimistic about it….

….they ruin the grey.

The dumb time change has been grey since the very beginning.

Leave it that way.

stay stellar

p.s. …To all of you who think that I hate the world, based off of this post please refer to my very first post, and my “about me” section.  You might notice one little key word….sarcasm…this word is very important if you are going to be invovled in my life.


2 responses to “Will-I-Am-Not-Happy

  1. we were talking about the unfair time change as I read this.

    also, when I lived in indiana we had no time change. it was nice. but then they stopped swimming the other way, and are in eastern time. poor folks.

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