The Survey Part 2: Questions for Guys about Girls

Question 1: What is your pet peeve about girls?

  • When they read too much into things
  • When they aren’t ‘chill’ (Definitions of “chill”: 1. a feeling of sudden fear, anxiety, or alarm. 2.a depressing influence or sensation   3.coldness, esp. a moderate but uncomfortably penetrating coldness. So what exactly are you trying to say here, mister?)
  • When they talk too much ( What are you talking about?!  We NEVER talk too much, like I can’t even remember the last time I talked, except to take your sandwich order…naturally. And I can’t even understand why you would say that! Like, I find that kind of offensive….)
  • Anna Reynolds. JUST KIDDING” ( ya little jerk, then you wonder why you have no friends.)
  • The way girls lead guys on ( that drives us crazy too…)
  • The way the flip out/worry/stress over little things
  • They are too emotional! I also don’t like when they flirt around with every single guy!..Pick just 1! I hate when girls think they can get any guy they want! ( to whom it may concern: NEWS FLASH! you can’t get every guy you want, so stop trying …and read your Bible)
  • When they don’t make me sandwiches ( question: If you can’t make a sandwich, are you a REAL woman?)
  • How they do tons of surveys…like the ones on myspace etc. (wow, that wasn’t a pointed answer at all)
  • When they are bi-polar
  • When they chew with their mouth open (you can’t expect us to make you sandwiches all the time, and then complain about how we eat. You are lucky you are getting fed.)
  • Most girls aren’t honest ( this is true, and as cliche as it sounds… honesty is the best policy)

( We pretty much agree with all of these. We went through the entire list going “Oh yeah, I hate when girls are like that!”)

Question 2: What quality do you most look for in a wife? (besides relationship with God)

  • Hospitality, kindess and caring towards other people
  • A girl who can sit and just be ‘chill’
  • A rational thinker
  • A best friend ( I hear Golden Retrievers are the best for that)
  • I want a girl who is genuine
  • Not fat
  • Common interests, someone I enjoy being around
  • Cleanliness

  • A sandwich maker
  • Someone who is calm and emotionally stable…thats a MUST
  • Someone who is outgoing
  • Someone who I am able to trust

( So to sum it all up girls,  just be…ya know..more…chill.)

Question 3. If your wife made you a sandwich, what kind would you want?

  • Shaved chicken
  • Turkey on wheat
  • Roast beef and pastrami, with provolone cheese and mustard
  • Roast beef and cheese
  • A panini sandiwch
  • Grilled cheese…but i like making my own sandwich
  • Turkey, with American cheese, pickles, and mustard on Italian bread.
  • Grilled cheese
  • “Its up to her”
  • A ham sub sandwich
  • Chicken, bacon, ranch.
  • Tuna with dill chips

( Dear girls… if I were you, I would start practicing my sandwichmaking skills right now, while we are still young and spry)

Question 4: What do you notice first about a girl? (and keep it G-rated!)

  • Facial features as a whole
  • Her eyes
  • Appearance, eyes
  • Eyes
  • Her face
  • Weight
  • Hair or eyes
  • Hair
  • Heart and personality
  • Her face
  • Her eyes
  • Eyes, mouth, smile, how they talk.

Question 5: Without being asked to do this, would you ask the girls’ father for permission to date her?

  • I would be scared, but I would if I had to…depends on the family.
  • No
  • Depends on the family
  • Yes
  • “Oh yeah, for sure”
  • Depends on how much I like the girl (hahaha…good answer!)
  • Yes
  • “NO..the dad would just be like “she’s old enough to make her own decisions, what do I care if you date her?”
  • Yes, I would
  • Oh yeah, absolutely!
  • Yes
  • YES

Question 6: If the girl you liked, made you dinner and it was absolutely awful, would you eat it, lie about it, and tell her it was good?

  • “NO! Thats lying! …and I’ve done it before, it didn’t turn out well”
  • Yes
  • “Iwouldn’t lie..I would just twist some words around to make it sound good..okay..nevermind, I wouldn’t lie.” (yeah, nice try anyway though)
  • Yes!
  • “I would let her know”
  • “No, I’d tell her it was nasty!” (nicely said. “Your dinner that you spent so much time making for me, is NASTY!”)
  • “I would probably lie to her and say that it was good”
  • No
  • “I wouldn’t lie..depending on her sense of humor I would say “I’ll make dinner next time”
  • Tell her nicely that ‘it wasn’t the greatest’
  • “I’d eat a little, then say that I wasn’t hungry because I’d eaten before I got there”

Question 7: Would you marry a girl who couldn’t cook?

  • 9 out of 12 guys said “yes”
  • 3 out of 12 guys said “no”

Question 8: What is one thing girls do that you wish they didn’t? OR What is one thing that you don’t understand about girls?

  • “ummm…I don’t know”
  • “I wish girls wouldn’t break my heart”
  • “I don’t understand why girls get so emotionally attached to stupid, random, things!”
  • “I wish girls wouldn’t gossip”
  • “I don’t get why girls are so emotional..actually I just don’t understand EVERYTHING about girls!”
  • I wish girls didn’t have a lack of self-confidence
  • I dont like how girls either have no self-esteem, or their self-esteem is too high.
  • I don’t understand why girls go to the bathroom together all the time!
  • I don’t understand why girls are so fickle
  • “Why do girls go to the bathroom in groups?!”
  • “Why do girls go to the bathroom together?”
  • I don’t understand why girls never say what’s on their mind or tell the truth. They hide a lot of things instead of being open with us.

(While I would love to let you in on the mystery behind girl group bathroom breaks, I cannot. Because I am not really sure why we do it…it’s just something we naturally do.)

Question 9: Would you rather marry a girl, who is fun, or smart?



  • Smart! I need someone I can talk to, not someone who is always looking for a good time.
  • Fun
  • Probably smart, because I would make her have fun later.
  • Smart
  • I want a girl who is intelligent!
  • Fun
  • Fun
  • Smart
  • Fun
  • FUN
  • Funnn
  • Smart!

Question 10: If you could choose one movie to describe your ideal relationship, what would it be?

your options are…

-A. Twlight.  -B. A Walk to Remember  -C. She’s the Man – D. Titanic- Or you can pick your own.

  • She’s the Man
  • Evil Dead! …just kidding…Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
  • Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
  • A Walk to Remember
  • Fast and Furious
  • Into the Blue (for real?!)
  • Return to Me
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • Avatar
  • 300

This is the end of this delightful little survey. I hope you have enjoyed reading it, and have gained some useful information that you will be able to use throughout the rest of your life! (right)  Much thanks to Jessica Doyle Barr for embarking on this stellar journey with me, and also THANK YOU to all of you who took time out of your busy life to answer a few questions so that this survey would be possible. Without you, I would have nothing to blog about.  And last but not least, a huge, ginormous thanks to all of my devoted readers. Never stop reading, otherwise your life will stop being stellar. And that just wouldn’t be stellar, now would it?

ta-ta for now…

Stay Stellar


3 responses to “The Survey Part 2: Questions for Guys about Girls

  1. i think you found perfect photos for these questions. when you were asking me some of them your voice went from 45wpm to 101wpm. probably the fastest talker ever, and i think you would do good at those live auctions that sell pies and such. :]

  2. pshhh I wasn’t talking THAT fast. You were probably the tenth person I had questioned, so by then I was practically a pro. I would rather auction cattle than pies.

  3. I’m not exactly sure why I wasn’t given the chance to respond to this original survey. I am sure I could have if I would have been alert enough.

    I would have provided some interesting answers which I would have found to be quite cleaver.

    Currently though, my head is still romping around in sandwich land… bliss!

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