The Survey Part 1: Questions for Girls about Guys

ATTENTION ALL BLOG READERS: This is the post you have been waiting for. I know, I know, it has taken me a very long time to post this…but it was a big project, and these things take time.

The History:

One day, my good friend Jessica ( Doyle )  Barr and I,

(aren’t we cute?.. just kidding.)

were sitting around bored out of our pretty minds. I began to discuss my blog and the ideas that I had for future posts…when all of the sudden, a brilliant idea popped into our heads! We decided to take a survey.

What is the survey?

For this survey, we interviewed 12 guys and 12 girls… some are as young as 14, and others are married and have families;  most of the people we interviewed are young adults, in their late teens and early twenties. We asked them a series of questions (which you will get to read below, along with the answers) about relationships, and people of their opposite gender.

I’m sure there are some of you who will read this survey and become extremely offended and angry by some of the blunt answers…perhaps you might even wish to hunt down some of these survey takers and give them a peice of your mind… and fist. However, THIS WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE! The folks involved in taking this survey will remain anonymous for their protection.

Are you ready?!?! …I ask that as you read the questions and answers for this survey, that you will stay calm, breathe deep, and not freak out when you read something you don’t like. People are allowed to have their own opinions, that’s one of the huge things that made this survey awesome;   people gave honest answers.   I also ask that you would enjoy it… laugh a little, drink some coffee (did i really just suggest that?!?)… and maybe even learn a little. ..

here it is….

NOTE:  ..the sentences in parenthesis, those are mine and Jessica’s little commentary notes.

The Survey:

Section 1:   Questions for girls about guys.

Question 1.  What is your pet peeve about guys?

  • Cockiness, and they are terrible at communication!
  • Cockiness and bad hygiene
  • When they are super flirty with every single girl; when they mess around with girls and pretend to care about them, when they really don’t.
  • When they are too busy constantly hitting on you to have a serious conversation and actually get to know you.
  • When they smell. When they walk in my house with their shoes on and get my carpet all wet!
  • When they treat women as possessions, instead of people.
  • When they are insensitive.
  • It is too easy for guys to sit around and do NOTHING.
  • When they flirt with me like I’m an object, not a person.
  • “When they think they’re so amazing!…like there’s nothing better than them on the face of the earth!!”
  • Call of Duty.
  • “I can’t say ‘hi’ or be nice to a guy without them flipping out and being like ‘oh my gosh! she likes me!’ …then they ruin our friendship by being all awkward.”

( So boys, to sum it up. Don’t flirt, smell, be a jerk, or wear your shoes in peoples houses.  Savvy?   also note how the girls couldn’t just limit themselves to one pet peeve…typical.)

Question 2.  What quality do you most look for in a husband? (Besides a relationship with God)

  • He needs to be loving with his words
  • Supportive
  • Motivated, outgoing, good sense of humor, confident.
  • Honesty, humility, transparency, confidence, sense of humor, and a leader.
  • Honesty
  • Good communicator
  • Good listener
  • Passionate in every direction
  • Sense of humor, good communicator, emotionally in touch with life,  family guy, and genuine.
  • Dignity, respect for others.
  • I appreciate when guys are really sweet to girls, when they are sad.
  • Strong sense of morality, kindness, patience, and honesty.

(If you would like to find a wife before you turn 50, start working on these things now….otherwise you will most likely turn into one of those creeps at church who just goes around hugging girls as a “brother” in Christ….just because they don’t have a wife to hug. ew.)

Question 3: If you could make your husband a sandwhich, what kind would you make him?

Don't lie. You just thought about getting up and making yourself a sandwich after seeing this picture...

  • Pastrami
  • Club sandwich
  • “Make it yourself!..just kidding.. a sub sandwich”
  • Ham and cheese
  • Reuben
  • Steak sandwich
  • Turkey with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese
  • Roast beef with tomatoes, onions, and pickles
  • PB&J
  • Double decker steak sandwich
  • “Nothing with rabbit food! ..for example.. lettuce, cabbage, etc. NOTHING HEALTHY! ..Probably meat, like salami or pepperoni, on bread.
  • “Whatever his little heart desired, with a smile on my face and a cookie to boot”

(If the prospect of being a 50 year old creepy, church hugger, guy doesn’t scare you, then maybe the thought of having to make your own sandwiches for the rest of your life will.

P.S. the girls who answered this question were not the “OMgosh! I’ll make you a sandwich ANYTIME you want one! *wink, wink*”  …because fyi… those types of  girls usually have ulterior motives for making you a sandwich, and thats just weird.)

Question 4: What do you notice first about a guy?

  • Smile
  • Height
  • Eyes
  • Build
  • Aura
  • Height
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Body build and smile
  • Posture..whether or not they have confidence
  • His smile, sense of style, and hands

( For all of you boys out there who are offended by the “body build” answer to this question. Man up.)

Question 5: Do you want the guy to ask your father for permission to date you?

  • “He better!”
  • Yes
  • Yeah, but I would rather he does it of his own accord.
  • “Yes, if he doesn’t, we’re not dating!”
  • “No, not to date..but definitely to marry!”
  • Yesx2
  • YES
  • No, but must ask permission to marry.
  • “uhhhh yah!”
  • yep
  • Not to date, but to marry
  • “Yes, absolutely! If he doesn’t, there’s no way I’m even considering!”

(Read and learn brothers. If you aren’t man enough to ask my daddy, then you aren’t man enough to be MY man.)

Question 6: What is one thing guys do, that you wish they didn’t? OR What is one thing you don’t understand about guys?

  • “Why do guys always think they are sooo funny?” (Probably because if they don’t laugh at their own jokes, nobody else will…and thats just too awkward)
  • “I don’t understand how guys are able to think about nothing” 
  • “When they are too shy to talk to you, and make their friends ask you, if you like them…IMMATURITY!”
  • “I wish guys wouldn’t crack dirty jokes in front of girls…do it amongst yourselves, if you must, but NEVER in front of girls…it’s a respect thing.” (That’s what she said..)
  • “Why do guys never listen?!” (It’s called selective hearing.  Example: Anytime you say the word “food”… they hear you..even if they are in the garage.  If you say the words of  “why didn’t you…”  then all of the sudden they are deaf as a stone…weird, eh?)
  • “I don’t like when guys just play around, and can’t commit!”
  • “I don’t understand why guys can’t communicate”
  • “When something is wrong, guys feel the need to fix it..RIGHT AWAY!..I don’t get it”
  • “I wish guys weren’t fake” (Amen, sister. Preach it. Wait, nvm, you can’t preach, you’re a woman, its unbiblical)
  • “Why do guys like being nasty?…why is that so entertaining to them?”
  • “I wish guys didn’t put other people down to make themselves look all ‘macho’ in front of their friends”

Question 7: Would you rather marry a guy with smooth or rough hands? (a hard worker, outdoors-ey type of guy? or a businessy, city, kind of guy?)


Rough Hands

Smooth Hands

  • All twelve girls said that they wanted a guy with rough hands.
  • Example answer:  “Depends…probably rough. I don’t like smooth, creepy, video game playing, hands.”

Question 8: If a guy took you on a date, and you didn’t want to be there, would you pretend you were having a good time, fake it, and lie?

  • “No, I would tell him nicely’
  • “I would tell him”
  • “No, I wouldn’t bluntly tell him, but after the date, I would nicely say that I didn’t have the best time”
  • “You better believe I would tell him”
  • “I would let him know”
  • “I would fake it…I’ve actually done that before”
  • “I would fake it!”
  • “I wouldn’t fake it, I would just show them that I wasn’t having a fantastic time, so as to not lead them on”
  • Fake it
  • “I’d smile and be nice, but when it’s over I would nicely put him down”
  • “Fakee it”

Question 9:  Would you rather a guy wears skinny jeans, or no skinny jeans?

  • No! Tighter pants are okay…cuz I like guys thighs….but NOT skinnny jeans
  • Tighter fitting, not falling off, but absolutely NO skinny jeans
  • No skinny jeans! I don’t like it when guys’ pants are tighter than mine!
  • No skinny jeans…PLEASE!
  • They are okay to a point..but not too tight!
  • No skinny jeans!
  • “I prefer no skinny jeans…I don’t want a punk for a husband”
  • No skinny jeans.
  • “Heck no!! No way!!!”
  • “California skater dude? YES!  Scene kid who can’t even get his scene hair right? NO!

( To all of you skinny jean wearers….we are truly sorry to inform you of the apparent dislike of your pants. Our only goal was to discover the truth…and discover we did. Does this mean you have to stop wearing them?… no.)

Question 10: Which of the following would you rather recieve from a guy?  1. a compliment? 2. a hug? 3. a gift? 4. have them do something for you? 5. a good, deep conversation?

  • A compliment
  • Good, deep, conversation
  • Conversation…just spending time with them
  • A good conversation
  • Compliment
  • Hug
  • I would rather he do something for me
  • Hug for sure!
  • Hug for sure…and a hug…oh wait..a  hug.
  • Good, deep, conversation!
  • Definitely conversation..then a compliment
  • I would like to have them do something for me

And this is the end of the survey questions for Girls about Guys. To read more survey questions and answers, please see Part 2 of this stellar survey….

Stay Stellar



3 responses to “The Survey Part 1: Questions for Girls about Guys

  1. ohhh you make me smile. 🙂

  2. I FAIL on the rough hands and skinny pants. No wonder no girls like me!!! I don’t even play video games.. my wrists hurt from constant drawing. :[ FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLllllllllllllllllllllll haha this was a good one, very stellah, annA.

    one questions, what defines a “good, deep, conversation”? could it include the star wars or star trek universe? because i could definitely talk about han solo all day long. or maybe even about zombie apocalypse and possible options to escape from a hoard of zombies with the things lying around us in the room at any given moment? the possibility of purchasing a shotgun or pistol for this scenario? wow, this is such a good conversation!!

  3. I watched part of Zombieland the other day…. it was the lamest movie ever. …just saying.

    Guess it just depends on the girl…

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