10 People, Places, and Things That Changed My Life.

  1. You have no idea how much I aspired to be just like Harriet the Spy. I wrote about Harriet on multiple occasions in my diaries as a little kiddy, and kept spy journals, and noted how obsessively my neighbor mowed his lawn.  Because of Harriet the Spy, I am a better facebook stalker.
  2. This is the only movie I ever recall my Grandmother having us watch.  I fell in love with it the first time I saw it….who could resist?… tons of music, tons of singing…and nuns. Doesn’t get any better.
  3. Yes boys, I know you find this movie incredibly boring and a huge waste of time. But when you spend 6 hours watching it with your mom and sisters, its the best movie ever….especially when you talk in an English accent for the next couple days after watching it.
  4. Me and my sisters would always beg for our dad to read us this book. It was our all- time favorite. My dad never wanted to read it because at the time, he would always go out in the woods with our trusty German Shorthair Pointer (Pandy…dumbest dog EVER) …and shoot deer.
  5. Read it. Thats all I have to say. Yeah, the title has a cheese factor of like 40 bajillion, I know. But it’s an awesome book.
  6. … yes I do realize that I will be mocked for this. But honestly, me and my sisters grew up on country.  Shania Twain was huge in our house….we even sang Shania karaoke with our friends.
  7. This is Rich DeMerse. He was my 5th and 6th grade Sunday school teacher, and the most Godly man I have ever known, and probably ever will know. He changed my life. When I get to heaven, I will get to see him again, and it will be stellar.
  8. This place is like home to me… I’ve been to “Deeper Life”  5 years in a row now…which means that if I squished all of those camp sessions together,  I would have spent a little over a month there total. Every single time, I have left spiritually stronger than I was when I got there. The ways God works through this camp, and the people who serve there in incredible ways! I have been truly blessed through this place.
  9. ….yes.
  10. Oh, Marquette how I love your beauty.  This is the breakwall…my favorite place in the entire world.  It is one of the many displays of God’s beauty.

…This is the end of my list.  These are not in any specific order…I just listed them as they came to mind… there are many more things that could go on the list of Things That Changed My Life…but I limited myself to ten.  As a musician, there are many artists who have changed my life…more than Shania Twain has. LOL.  …but you will get a little taste for what has shaped my life since I was a young’un.

stay stellar


2 responses to “10 People, Places, and Things That Changed My Life.

  1. #8 is my favorite. Of course this is because I met you there!!!

  2. Jeni Pedzinski

    Hey lady. I’ve been off the blog-checking-bandwagon for a couple of months b/c of the craziness cropping up in my life, but at least for today I’m back on, and this is a fabulous idea and a fabulous post. I’m driving home to MI today, and if I get a chance and am not on roaming, I’ll give you a jingle. Jenni Button is first in line though. Sorry! lol

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