A Hop, Skip, and Jump Down Memory Lane


So I have found some entertaining writings and photos from when I was a child, you may get bored by the end of this post, but that’s alright. A lot of this is for my sister Sarah to read, remember, and chuckle about.  Here are a few moments from my life that I will share with you:

…three little angels…awww.  yeah, right.

       This next short paragraph/journal entry, was written when I was very young…I can tell by the handwriting…haha.

 NOTE: There were many spelling mistakes in this small sentence;  I corrected them for your reading ease…

           “Hi my name is Anna. I love cats more than anything else…imagine how I would be with a real one!”

          WOW.  Let’s sit here a second and think about this folks. Imagine how I would be with a real one?!?  I’ll tell you how I am with a real one; NOT GOOD   I will also leave a blank space here:__________, you can insert pretty much any pessimistic, negative, unhappy word into that blank and it would probably come pretty close to describing exactly how I am with a real one.

…a picture is worth a thousand words….


   As you may remember from my last post, I mentioned that I had found some old hate poetry, as well as journal entries… for instance..

            June 25th 1999 – ” Today Leah and Sarah weren’t being nice, because Sarah was being a snob and Leah was just mean.”

         11-04-01- “I’m so mad, because my sister Sarah looks for my diary. She told me she looked in my drawer. I said “What are you doing in my drawer?” She replied, “I’m looking for your Cinderella gloves.”

     11-05-01- “Today I’m mad at my sister Leah, she’s knocking over my pumpkin that my dad carved for me for Halloween. She knocked over my pumpkin because she said “Mom I need a short-sleeve shirt!” and she had one on already. So I told my mom, and then she got mad at me.”

 Note: These last two journal entries, if you didn’t notice, were written on the 4th, and then the 5th of the same month, of the same year. Seems like everyday I hated someone else…really, what WAS I like as a child?!

 …see for yourself…



                      My Sister

          My sister is very rude

      and I’ll have you know that she dresses crude

       She’s so very cruel when we have a duel

      and has a terrible mood.


…Sisterly love….


   The rest of these are just random journal entries that some of you might appreciate:

  Anna’s poem: 01-24-00  (I was about 6 yrs. old)

   You can fly, you can fly, no more people say goodbye. You don’t need springs and things. bye-bye.

   May 26 1999

     “Now the moon is lit, there I sit. In my little green chair, I stare.”




               Santa Claus

  Santa Claus lives in the North Pole where it’s cold as an ice cube and snows constantly. Santa has a humongous belly because he eats too many cookies, thats why he flies in a sleigh. Rudolph is leading!


    “I just went to church and now I’m back home. Grace Holmes was taping my mouth shut; she said I talked too much.”    ( I actually honestly remember this…it was hilarious! … And I have no idea why the heck I wrote this happening in my journal)


 “It’s Sunday night. I’m writing in my diary at this very time: 9:22. Pretty late, huh?  Well I don’t think so, I usually go to sleep at 10:00. Whatever, I’m getting bored writing in this dumb diary, because I have to clean the litter box. so..so-long!”



 “Today we played with our new cat.”   …oh, joy…



   May 26 1999 – “Hi, my name is Anna. Last night we got crackers, they were yummy. I’m dumb.”

…as you can see, we were raised on NON industrialized food!


     “I just found out that Sarah’s Barbie diary lock is broken! Because I think I have the key for it, because I have another key I don’t have a lock for, it is so cool!”


   Sarah’s hair is so bouncy in every picture!


   So there it is. Perhaps this tiny glimpse into my young mind gives you a bit of perspective on the person that I am today. hahahaha. KIDDING.  …based on these writings, one would think that I have:

  • no self-esteem
  • anger problems
  • problems with Santa’s eating habits
  • bizzare poetry skills
  • a hate for cats

Let me tell you that none of the above are true!   although…

…I feel as though I must explain a bit further my dislike for cats. If you are shocked and angry to the point where you need your inhaler, well then please refer back to my very first post on this blog…specifically the part where I mention SARCASM. I am joking 95% of the time…the other 5%…well that is a teeny tiny dislike for cats, but I would never let it get to the point where I would ever put a cat on the cutting board…as you will notice in the picture earlier on in my blog, it is my mother who has the cat on the cutting board, and not me.

            Stay Stellar               




6 responses to “A Hop, Skip, and Jump Down Memory Lane

  1. honestly could not stop laughing.

    oh my goodness.




  2. I noticed that sarah hair is super bouncy in every photo as well.

    you were a genius writer.
    …and obviously, deep down inside….you still love cats.

  3. steve (pa pa clark)

    You are definitely STELLAR…..Just put down the knife and leave the poor pumpkins alone….

  4. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    so funny.
    I don’t ever remember doing that, but I wouldn’t put it past me

  5. Oh man! I just read this and cracked up! Sitting by myself on the couch laughing away!!! heehee

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