Story Time

I have recently been doing some hxc cleaning of my basement. As in hxc. It’s pretty intense. As I was going through boxes of old drawings etc. I happened upon some old stories that I wrote as a little girl. These stories/ hate poetry/random stuff about cats, made me laugh so hard that I was not able to stop cracking up long enough to read them to my mother. I was practically crying…okay, I was crying. BUT THEY WERE HILARIOUS! So funny in fact, that I have decided to share one of my early on writings with all of my blog readers. …as you will see, I must have been destined to be a blogger.

But first….here is a little visual of what me and my sisters looked like as little kid-lings.

…awwww…aren’t we cute?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I still look the same. shut up.

You may not find this story hilarious at all. If that is the case..well…then…deal with it. But now, it is time for my fantastic story…I figure I wrote this one when I was 8 years old. These are my exact words…

“The Good King and the Robbers” by: Anna Reynolds

Once upon a time there lived a King named Selt, he was a good King. One day his daughter was in the courtyard singing, when a patch of robbers pounced on her, while another robber put a leather bag over her body. As soon as they left, the king went to the courtyard to get her, when he found his daughter Singapore was gone, he called to his son, Seth, to look for her with him. They searched the whole castle and found her nowhere…even with the help of the Queen! Then after a while, the King remembered that two days before, he saw a patch of robbers lurking around the courtyard, just then, he knew where his daughter was. She was with the robbers! The next day, Selt sent knights to the robbers house. When the knights came back the next day, they had Selts daughter Singapore, and the robbers were in chains. “Good work, men!” The robbers were killed by cannibals, and everybody lived happily ever after after. The end.


  1. “Selt?” “Singapore?” What kinds of names are those?!?
  2. “Patch of robbers” …how many robbers are there in a patch?
  3. “Pounced”….perhaps the patch of robbers, was actually a patch of cat robbers.
  4. “..and found her nowhere, even with the help of the Queen!” …wow, even the Queen couldn’t find her!!!…maybe it was because the only place the Queen was allowed to look for her daughter, was in the kitchen.
  5. “Patch of robbers LURKING”…how in the heck did I know and use that word at 8 yrs old?
  6. “Selt sent knights to the robbers house” ….First off, how did Selt know that they were robbers when he saw them two days ago? Second…how did he know where they lived?
  7. “The robbers were killed by cannibals and everyone lived happily ever after” …I must have been a sick sick child.

Stay Stellar


4 responses to “Story Time

  1. This is the best story in the world. haha Post more. I want to read more of your demented stories.

  2. Okay, so this was so hilarious I felt like laughing really loud, but I had to hold it in because my roommate’s girlfriend is sleeping. I ended up making really weird suffocating/huffing koolaid power & tabasco noises. Thank you!

    P.s. I’m so glad the cannibals were happy forever after that. This king knows how to treat his people in a country where cannibalism has been legalize for law-enforcement purposes.

  3. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    Ahhhhhh hahaha anna… this made my DAY!
    I used to write stories when I was little too but mine were all sentimental and about trees and swings and such.
    not nearly as exciting.
    also, you liked S’s..Selt, singapore, and seth.
    also, a patch of robbers is exactly seven. (another S)
    also, she was singing (S)

    Ssstay Ssstellar!!


  4. so, I could not stop laughing…this is hilarious!!!
    A patch of robbers!?!?!?!?
    wow….and lurking!!

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