Bloggity Blog Blog…buffalo wings = artery clog?

So today I went and ate half off appetizers at Applebees…I actually started off at Starbucks, and after trying to find a drink that was coffee free and looking at prices, I realized that with the 4 bucks I would use to buy a drink, I could head on over to Applebees and actually get an entire dinner for the same price. So I walked out, and felt like a total jerk for not buying anything when the man behind the counter said “Have a good night!” all cheery-like ….I think that was an intentional reminder that he didn’t appreciate me asking drink questions, and then leaving without getting anything. oops….but seriously, it’s not my fault!! I’m skinny! I need food over coffee!!!! …plus I don’t even like coffee. But whatever. Coffee doesn’t like me either. So we are mutually NOT friends.

 So I went to Applebees. Can I just say that I think it’s cool that they have people there for the specific purpose of holding the door for you?…I would do that at my workplace, only our doors are automatic… as in AUTOMATIC FAIL. haha. KIDDING…but not really.   SO anyways, I sat down at a table with some of my chums, and I glance over…and what do I see? …KARL BOHNAK looking not at me!    

   This is Karl Bohnak, for all of you who don’t know…..

He is our local weather man. He tells us about snowstorms and other such important things.  Not gonna lie, sometimes he’s wrong about the weather…but thats okay, he’s not God…he can’t tell the future.   But back to the story…. So I saw Karl Bohnak, and my friend Lei offered to pay me ten bucks to ask for his autograph…I really wanted to do it…like really bad…partially because it would have been awesome, and partially because then I would have something to blog about.  But I didn’t…instead I texted lots of people and told them that I had just seen a celebrity.

  I also some more stellar folks out dining at Applebees.  I turned around in my chair…and I saw TWINS! …they were not the “cutsey cute, I’m two years old” type of twins. They were like 30 year old dude legit twins. They were wearing MATCHING, black, under armour shirts, they both had shoulder-length, curly, hair tied up in a half ponytail, they were muscular, tall, and they both looked Swedish, or Scottish….their names could have been Neil MacNeill and Neil MacNeill Squared. It was very cool. Plus I would never want to meet those two in a dark alley at night. Ever.  ….They looked A LOT like this guy…and I’m not joking.

This concludes my Applebees adventures for the night.

It was fun, it was awesome, and what the heck does an Apple and a Bee have to do with each other? Who knows.

           Stay Stellar


3 responses to “Bloggity Blog Blog…buffalo wings = artery clog?

  1. once I was a telemarketer in marquette. The first thing I did was call Karl Bohnak. Then Mike Ludlum–who’s last name is very fun to say. And then Steve Asplund. None of them answered. But I felt accomplished in calling them all.

  2. Wow. that is a great story! thanks for sharing! If I was a telemarketer, I would probably call those people first too!!!
    ..Another really great name, is owned by the NBC reporter…
    Jim Miklashevski. Miklashevski is an awesome name. I want to marry his kid, if he has one…then I can be “Anna Miklashevski”…okay..maybe not.

  3. ringsaroundmyfingers9

    Ah, anna.
    haha this blog brings much needed laughter throughout my massive homework sessions 🙂

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