Jack and Jill fell down the hill, and their pail was half empty.

 I know most of you will be moderately disappointed to find that this is NOT the post you have been waiting for.   All of  you, my dear readers, have been waiting, and waiting to see the results of my latest survey…unforunately, they cannot be found in this post.

I have decided to write a new post to keep all of you entertained during this dry spell in my blog. I am still gathering information for the survey, and will post it as soon as I can. Chill out everyone, patience is a virtue.

 I have found a very interesting topic to blog about. It is very close and dear to my little heart…it has caused me much pain and agony over these few short years of my life…let’s continue to be dramatic, shall we?

Ahem…here we go….

   “Pessimism, Negativity, Failure and their effects on life and achievment.”

Pessimism and negativity actually make you fail in life, more than you would otherwise. I know this from experience. For instance, if I go bowling and I say the words of “I hate this dumb game!” then I end up bowling a 35.  During cases like these, the phrase “grin and bear it” comes in very handy. If you speak your negativity aloud, then you are just affirming your thoughts and convincing yourself of your inadequacy. Grin and bearing still gives you a shot at bowling a 300….okay, maybe  a 55…but still.

Another real life example of this, is voice lessons.  When I am singing a high stinkin’  E flat, it is very hard to be confident that the note will come out sounding beautiful and angelic…sorry folks, its just not going to happen… But my voice teacher is always quick to remind me, “Anna, if you think to yourself,  ‘oh my gosh, I’m scared of this note, and its going to sound bad!’  then it will sound bad.” haha. Voice teacher scores 1 point. Anna still has 0.  Welcome to my life…oh, wait…that was pessimistic.

 Another sore topic for me…one which I am admittedly very negative about, is my cats. They are lots of things. I will list a few…

  • They are annoying. They NEVER leave you alone!
  • They are abusive. I have scars from their teeth and claws…not even kidding…the little, gray, rat fink made my toe bleed yesterday.
  • They can’t ever make up their minds. They constantly want to be let outside, or let back in. In-out, in-out, in-out. ..see it’s annoying  just reading those two words over and over.
  • They knock stuff over. Such as stacks of papers.
  • They constantly want tuna.

…the list could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

 The only problem, is that whenever I begin to get negative and whiny about my cats, one of them comes up and starts purring, and licks me or something, then I feel like a total jerk.


  So as you can probably conclude from this post. Negativity and pessimism are NEVER the way to go.  All it gets you in the end, is a 35 in bowling, zero points, and a purring cat.

   stay stellar




2 responses to “Jack and Jill fell down the hill, and their pail was half empty.

  1. and you continue to make me laugh. a little too hard. so hard that I can’t even inhale at times… that’s bad. Therefore that makes you a bad person. LOL JK! I love you with all of my heart. 🙂 hehe you are funny though.

  2. Ok seriously…I do the same thing with my cat. She’s black with white socks. In cat years she’s a total old lady…like 80 yrs old or something, but she always waits until I’m sitting down to dinner or in the middle of a great book – and she can’t handle it. PET ME! SCRATCH MY CHIN! I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD!! So away she flies (semi-her-fault) to the floor, then I remember she’s super old and I’m sorry. Then she does it again…

    ps – I love your old journal entries. Very real. *chuckle*

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