Sandwich Making Extravaganza

Here is a little introductory video to this post:

I would sincerely love to deny the fact that I died laughing after I saw this video…but I can’t. Because I did. 

P.S. That guy in the video sounds like an abuser.

In today’s society, the only thing women are known for is sandwich making. Not a day goes by when I am not reminded of this. There are vidoes, posters AND EVEN BLOGS about this idea of a woman’s primary role being that of a sandwich maker.

      Question:  Should we, as women be offended by the title of “sandwichmaker”???

  Answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Think about it this way. If we don’t make sandwiches, then the men don’t eat. If men don’t eat, they die. So by gaining the title of sandwichmaker, we hold power over the life and death of our men.     Is this a win? …ABSOLUTELY.

  If women aren’t making sandwiches, they are still expected to stay in the kitchen. When a man says to you ” Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich, woman!”  the correct response should be  “Build me a kitchen first!”  Most men forget, that if there is no kitchen, then there are no sandwich making materials, thus, there is no reason for women to be in the kitchen in the first place. 

“Why did the woman cross the road?” …”because there was no path from the kitchen to the laundry room.”

After hearing and typing all this hype about women, sandwiches, laundry rooms, and kitchens, I think it’s high time I shared with you my true thoughts on the topic.  They say that the man is the “head of the house….this is true. But the question they never bother to ask is “Who is the head of the kitchen?!?”   Answer: The woman.  WIN. If you are the head of the kitchen, you feed the entire household. You are in charge of all the eating utenstils, drinking glasses, plates, bowls, EVERYTHING. …Even the rolling pin. You are pretty much in charge of everything important in life…. While the man is stuck with dumb things like, “the living room” , “the dining room” “the bathroom” …lame rooms like that.  …Who likes those places anyways??? I am telling you now, and you can quote me on this. “It is a blessing to be in the kitchen”….don’t forget that. ever.

Let me give you my thoughts on the picture above:

  1. Why does the guy looked confused by this fact?
  2.  The bible doesn’t say that.

Coincidentally, it just so happens that the day I talk about the kitchen and sandwiches, is January 18th. What is the significance of this date? …I’ll tell you. According to this article I found on MSN, January 18th is…  The Most Depressing Day Of The Year…according to psychologists, this is because of “failed New Years resolutions, debt, and weather conditions.”  ….I beg to differ. It’s probably because women can never seem to escape from the kitchen.

 see for yourself….

  mhm, thats right.

…note: if you are left befuddled by this post….don’t worry, I don’t quite understand it myself.

        stay stellar


One response to “Sandwich Making Extravaganza

  1. I found this post quite the reader. I give it a 9.5/10. The .5 is because January 18th was a terrible day for me finding out my work PC went to poop. Now it’s fixed and January 20th is the best day of this month! Woo hoo! *dances*

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