Homeless in Atlanta…

This is a video that I’ve probably watched at least 15 times now…

I either A. start crying or B. almost start crying everytime I watch it...

What in the world could ever cause this sudden, very rare display of emotion in this girl? …don’t lie, you asked yourself that…



here are a couple after-viewing notes:

  • first off, the homeless man is just stellar… he has dreads, and this awesome reggae singing thing going on… and he’s kneeling, and crying, and praising God…and if you notice at the very end of the video when he’s talking to the guitar dude…well, this is their conversation:

                               (guitar dude) “Keep trying to make it, man”

                        (danny the homeless man) …looks guitar dude straight in the eye, with a confused look on his face and says “Trying to make it?…no man, I ain’t trying to make it, I’m makin’ it. Jah puts His soldiers everywhere. Jah says, Yea though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death So He places some of us, in that valley.”

          Now honestly…I swear only the love of God can change a person to the point where they are homeless in Atlanta, optimistic, praising God, trusting God, accepting of their situation, and stepping up to the position of being a soldier for Christ on the streets. INCREDIBLE. Our God is truly good.


  • And finally…here is just a favorite quote from the homeless reggae dudes improv.     ” 1 lalala, 2 loolooloo,  3 lee lee lee,  4 lolololo, 5 lielielie, 6lilili, SEVEN, I AM ON MY WAY to heaven.”

                   …that was a win.

       P.S.  …he calls God, “Jah” …. thats the most stellar of them all.

      Stay Stellar


One response to “Homeless in Atlanta…

  1. Participating at Room at The Inn the night before and watching this video has truly changed my perspective on things. I’m glad you found this and was able to share it… I’m going to pass this video on to others if you don’t mind. Thank Anna. You’re the most stellar of stellar people.

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