This is the start of something stellar…

This is me...

There are some things in life that I find so hilarious, that I walk around chuckling for hours at a time. You may not find these things as funny as I do….and vice versa.   Despite our differences, I think we still have a pretty good shot at being friends.

   One very important thing that you should know about me and my blogging, is that I’m bilingual. I speak English and sarcasm…  so if you read one of my posts and completely miss the sarcasm…DONT START YELLING AT ME.  Just do some breathing exercises and refer back to this post.

     As I begin my triumphal entry into the blogging world, I owe a big thanks to my sister Sarah Leslie who designed my blog for me, and made it stellar… check out her blog, its cool…  .   I also cannot forget to throw out a word of thanks to all of the people in my life… whether I pass you on the street,  have you come through my checkout line,  or hang out with you on a regular, or irregular basis…. you may or may not be an inspiration for some of my future blogging efforts.

                   -Stay Stellar-  ….(so that i have something to blog about)


One response to “This is the start of something stellar…

  1. yay for starting a blog, my bilingual friend. 🙂 I started one a few weeks ago through word-press but not sure if I want to share it… it was more for just me at the time. A place that I could turn to a write.. LIKE MY OWN 4th GRADE JOURNAL. haha anyways… I think it’s cool that you have one and will always be on this thing.. so you better update as much as possible! STAY STELLAR!

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