So, as of about 5 minutes ago, I have seriously considered giving up on my college and music plans, in order to do something much more stellar with my life.

Sorry Dad…I’m not thinking about being a home-maker girl who makes soups all day.

 My stellar idea, is to become a pear farmer.  Yes, you read correctly I said the words of PEAR and FARMER.  You may question my sanity…believe me, I am too.  But think about it. 

  • A.  Pears are delicious
  • B. You get to live in a place with lots of warm weather
  • C. Your food feeds starving people who are on vacation, or in bands, etc.
  • D. You get to stand underneath a pear tree.
  • E. Watch this educational video…if her voice doesn’t convince you to want to joing the pear farming business, I dont’ know what will.


….are you convinced? …okay, maybe I’m not either.

                          Stay Stellar




2 responses to “Yeehaw.

  1. “I am Anna the produce lady and I love this crisp juicy fruit…”

  2. …and I belive you will too!

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